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The Bear Pad is part of a growing movement to reconnect producers and consumers of food, and introduce local people to the great variety and richness of produce on our doorstep.

The Bear Pad is on a bit of a mission: to add to the enjoyable eating opportunities available on the Bear Flat while adding to the value of the local food economy. We are all linked through food to our environment. Without a productive environment we will not have enough food. Even highly industrialised food production, such as intensive livestock or monocultural cereals depends for its success on a productive and healthy environment.

With a growing world population, and an emphasis on high protein diets we are putting strains on the natural world. At present these strains remain largely concealed from the eyes of consumers in western countries. We import a large – and at present growing – proportion of our food so many of the impacts are concealed by distance. But the high use of water required for beef production, the dependency on artificial fertilisers and the acknowledged reduction of organic matter in soils in areas of large scale maize and cereals areas, will not remain hidden for long. With growing world populations we won’t be able to import for ever.

So what can we do to ensure that we have good wholesome food for ourselves and future generations? Try these for starters:
* Never waste food – that’s a no brainer.
* Try to choose a diet that demands less of our natural resources: for example grass fed meat rather that meat reared on soil- and watercourse-damaging maize or imported soya. (The advantage of grass is not only that it grows here naturally, but it has the benefit of retaining soils in times of heavy rain, and supporting much of our native wildlife and biodiversity).
* Seek locally produced food: this will make sure that our local producers survive and that we retain our cultivation skills.

The Bear Pad seeks to make it possible for you to make some of these choices. We sell locally grown salads and veg, and we use these for our meals and soups. Wherever possible we source locally. And local often means cheaper and much better value for money too!


The story behind the idea:

When Cate Le Grice-Mack moved into Bath after retiring from her organic rare breeds farm, she found she missed the buzz of the farm shop and café. As firm believers in sustainable local produce, she and her family acquired The Bear Pad in the up and coming Bear Flat area (Poets’ Corner and local independent shops) to sell produce from a 25 mile radius around Bath, as well as provide a stylish café where locals and visitors can hang out and eat local food. And as enthusiasts involved in many areas of Bath life – green issues generally, especially reviving local economic activity and reducing vehicle use – they are now also providing a shop front for local artists and crafts people. Cate has now handed much of the running of the business to her daughter Isobel Russell, but still organises the artwork and provides a strong support when needed.

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