We sell a wide variety of food and other goods, all produced or prepared as locally as we can source them. Where possible, we buy direct from the producer, allowing them to set the price they need to get. We also sell a range of gluten free biscuits, pasta and ingredients.

Selling local produce means more support for local producers, and more money in the local economy – there are no big companies involved and no long journeys to and from large supply depots.

All our suppliers have been visited by The Bear Pad: quality is assured. We also use most of these products in the café, so you can buy the coffee, tea, cheese or pickle you’ve just tasted.

Our local retail products include:
*   seasonal salad, fruit and vegetables from Chris Rich at Batheaston and Castle Farm at Midford,
*   organic milk and dairy products from Ivy House Dairy Farm at Beckington,
*   traditional cheeses from Westcombe Dairy at Evercreech and S & L Banable in Moorland Road,
*   Alex James artisan cheese supplied by Pong Cheese in Peasedown St John,
*   eggs from The Good Egg Company in Hilperton,
*   meat from S & L Banable in Moorland Road,
*   fruit juice and cider vinegar from Keith Goverd in Compton Dando,
*   bread from Bakers in Twerton and Bath Bakery (including gluten free),
*   cakes and biscuits made by Antonia Gilbert in Oldfield Park and on the premises by Sheila our chef,
*   coffee from Round Hill Roastery in Radstock,
*   tea from The Wiltshire Tea Company in Warminster,
*   jams & pickles from In a Pickle in Winsley,
*   rapeseed oil, salad dressing and mayonnaise from Fussels at Rode,
*   icecream from Marshfield Farm at Chippenham,
*   chocolates from Seven Hills in Newton St Loe,
*   candles and soaps from The Wiltshire Bee Centre, Yatesbury,
*   classic, affordable handmade jewellery by Isobel Russell in Batheaston and
*   cards and artworks by Bath artist and art teacher Paulo Baigent.

Our gluten free biscuits and ingredients, bottled drinks, flour, rice, quinoa, muesli, toothpaste and washing products, while produced further afield, are supplied to us by Essential Trading, a worker cooperative in Fishponds. They specialise in ethically produced, organic, Fairtrade and ‘free from’ food.

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